Feeding China is a collaborative research project on China’s food histories, geographies, and ecologies. It started in June 2015 on Jiugulou Dajie in Beijing, and combines the scholarly work of Alexander Day and Mindi Schneider.

The project traces capitalist transformations in China’s food and agricultural systems. We are interested in how these transformations are happening, and with what impacts for particularly rural people, places, and politics. To that end, we situate agrarian change in China both historically and geopolitically; we examine how things came to be this way, and how changes in China impact broader distributions of power, profit, and socio-ecological crises. Specific areas of critical analysis include: the rural-urban divide, peasant advocacy, rural activism, agribusiness politics, and capital’s ecological relations.

We launched this website as a place to share our progress and our research findings, to open the conversation to a broader audience, and to serve as a resource for others working in related areas. This is a project in motion…so check back for updates.